The first-ever photograph of Philharmonic Hall, Odessa - February 7th, 1899 The Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra and Hobart Earle in the great Hall of the St.Petersburg Philharmonic Society The Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra and Hobart Earle in Carnegie Hall,  New York
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The following have been added to the orchestra's inventory since 1991:

  • 1 set of "Premier" Timpani (and our old set of "Dresden" timpani were fully re-built in London)

  • Flight cases for both the old and new sets of timpani

  • 1 "Premier" xylophone
  • 1 "Paiste' tam-tam
  • 1 wind gong
  • 1 "Premier - Signia" snare drum
  • 1 set of alpine "Herdenglocken"
  • 2 pairs of "Paiste" cymbals
  • 1 pair of "Zildian" cymbals
  • 1 "Sankyo" piccolo flute
  • 1 Bb "Buffet" clarinet
  • 1 A "Buffet" clarinet
  • 1 "Yamaha" Eb clarinet
  • 2 "Lignaton" basset horns
  • 1 "Durin" english horn
  • 1 "Fox" contrabassoon
  • 3 "Gebrueder Alexander" horns
  • 2 Bb "Bach Stradivari" trumpets
  • 2 C "Bach Stradivari" trumpets
  • l D "Bach Stradivari" trumpet
  • various kinds of mutes for horn, trumpet and trombone - and also a mute for tuba
  • 4 violins
  • 1 viola
  • 2 double basses
  • new flight cases for Violoncelli
  • new flight cases for double basses
  • 2 "Korg" Tuners
  • 4 computers for the orchestra's office
  • 2 printers for the orchestra's office

  • In addition to the above, the orchestra's 501-C3 in the U.S. the "American Friends of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra" have also helped provide the following:

  • bow hair
  • strings
  • rosin
  • shoulder rests
  • humidifiers
  • new skin for bass drum and numerous accessories for percussion
  • numerous repairs to problematic instruments such as tuba, but also to oboes, flutes and bassoons
  • numerous accesories for woodwind and brass, including a gouging machine for oboe
  • C-extensions for four-string double basses
  • cane for oboe and bassoon reeds
  • clarinet reeds
  • new concert clothing (tails) for the men in the orchestra
  • portable lights for music stands
  • financial aid to orchestra musicians in need and with health problems

  • In Odessa, the orchestra's local, registered charitable fund ("Blagodiniy Fond Muzyka") has, since its inception in June 1999, provided a total of:

    Ukrainian Hryvnya 363,557

    (at today's exchange rate, the equivalent of US$ 71,285)

    as financial aid to the musicians. This money was all raised from business entities in Odessa.